Questioning the universe

Have you ever wondered how everything that surrounds us ever came into existence? There are of course many different religious and scientific theories on how we began. But that’s not what I meant. We have become such an advanced civilization that it’s scary yet exciting to see how far we have come. The question is: where did it all start?

I constantly ask myself and others around me, “Who gave a bed its name?” or “Why is the ground called ‘the ground’?” Most of the time I just get a funny look or shrugging shoulders. I would call myself a curious person, not nosy, just curious. I want to know how things work, why they work and much more. So if you have an answer to my mind-boggling question of who decided to name certain thing, feel free to comment below.

Moving swiftly on because I’m really trying to work on this ‘not waffling’ thing (reference to my first blog post which you should check out), it is actually so fascinating how everything works together so perfectly. Now this may spark some arguments as understandably not everything works together however it is weird to think that if one aspect of our universe tweaked slightly, we would cease to exist. I study biology so we’re getting a bit ‘sciency’ here: when plants photosynthesise they produce oxygen but what if they produced something else instead. That small alteration in one chemical reaction means that oxygen isn’t produced and then we cannot live. I am constantly amazed by everything the world does and how it has shaped us to be the way we are.

If you haven’t already clicked off this page then that is because you probably have had one of them moments where you just question your whole life. It’s like having someone lifting a blanket off from your face. You see the world at a whole different perspective (another reference- this time to my blog title).

I just rambled on and on and probably cluttered your brain with many questions that you don’t have the answer to. I promise next time I will try to give answers rather than questions. The message from this post is that its okay to question things because thats how we learn more, and it’s through learning that we continue to advance and improve our universe.



10 thoughts on “Questioning the universe”

  1. I do love me a deep thinker. Great blogpost.
    And to answer one of your may questions, I am a christian and I believe that the whole world was created by God. I still sit in awe daily about how everything works so perfectly together and if just one thing molecule changes i.e water h20, becomes peroxide h202, we’d have no food and we’s die.
    Great stuff 🙂

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    1. I don’t think there’s ever a real answer to any question in the world. Anything we think answers the question is merely our perception of what we think is right. I’ve started the question game and hopefully I’ll find my own views on them😃

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