How to save money

Unfortunately the world revolves around money so unless you’re rich, you can’t have everything. But there is a way to have as much as you possibly can with the money you have. Today I’ll be giving you tips on how to save money.


If you’re over 16 and still in full time education you can get discount cards. You can apply for a NUS card which offers loads of discounts from many different shops and restaurants. It’s really simple to get and doesn’t cost that much.


Ordering online is often easier than going in store, but it can also be cheaper too. Before you order something type in the name of your shop on google followed by ‘voucher codes’. There will be different codes all the time that are free to use on websites like voucher cloud. A really good clothes website which advertises codes on their website all the time is


Sales are the best when it comes to saving money because you can get things for a fraction of a price that they normally are. Always look out for sales particularly towards the end of the season. For example at the end of winter I always pop into New Look as their jumpers are half the price or even more and you can never have too many jumpers!


Paying in cash can often stop you from buying unecessary things because you think more about what you’re spending your money on when there’s only a limited amount in your pocket. With credit cards you could go on a spending spree. Don’t suffer from the consequences later and try to use cash as much as you can.


Although you may not be 7 years old now, a piggy bank could be a good way to save up spare change. Putting say 20p a day into a jar every day may not seem like a lot but over time it will build up. This is a great way of saving money and I’d really recommend it.


To avoid overspending, make a list of the things you need and only buy what’s on the list. This way you can also budget for how much you’re going to spend… which brings me on to my final point.


Budgeting can be one of the hardest things to do but one of the most effective. You can find websites online that help you to budget using the money you have. You could also do it yourself by simply getting a diary and writing down the total money you have each month to spend. Then divide that sum into things you need to spend it on. Whatever money is leftover is free for you to spend.

The message of this blog: saving money isn’t easy but you can make it easier by following these tips. Saving a bit of money little by little can add up to a lot which you can use to buy something big or put it towards your future.


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