How to stop procrastinating 

Often I read how to stop procrastinating posts as my way of procrastinating. Or I watch revision videos on YouTube. But this does not combat procrastination. It’s exam time for many people so I thought that this would be the perfect post. So hopefully this will be your last time procrastinating.


Your phone is the most distracting thing around you. Put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off. Set an alarm for half an hour or an hour and do some productive work.


I bet you weren’t expecting this one. If you absolutely cannot live without your phone, revise for an hour and don’t even breath on your phone. After the hour is up reward yourself with 10 minutes. To make sure you don’t go over- set a timer. For me I love watching tv so I do work all evening and then watch an hour or two of tv at the end of the day.


Just because you get out your work doesn’t mean you’re actually revising. Especially when you take a picture of your ‘homework set-up’ and send it to all your streaks. No it doesn’t work like that. As one of my teachers said- the easiest person to fool is yourself. So don’t be that person who pretends they do revision when actually they’re staring at their pretty highlighters for an hour.


We’ve all been there where we count making our timetable as revision. If you’re making a timetable do it quickly and actually stick to it. Don’t just make a pretty one because you don’t want to do revision. Again this is kidding yourself so just abandon the whole concept unless you’re dedicated enough to follow it.


Testing yourself on things you already know is basically cheating so I’m classing it as procrastinating. You’re not learning anything and you’re just making yourself feel like you know more stuff. Do the things you don’t know. You’ll get more out of one hour revising a hard topic than a whole day of revising easy topics.


I’m one of those people who will say, “I’ll do work from Monday onewards.” Monday turns to Tuesday to Wednesday to Thursday and so on. Do the work straightaway as leaving it til later is the easiest but worst form of procrastination.

The message of this blog: if you really want it then work hard for it and you’ll know when you’ve put in the proper work. You all know when you’re kidding yourself so admit it and move forward. Have fun revising. Comment below if you have any additional tips.


3 thoughts on “How to stop procrastinating ”

  1. Procrastination’s my close friend… 😂😂😂 Even though I want to kick him in the butt but it doesn’t leave me…
    This post was superbly inspiring and motivating… Keep doing the great work. Following you in the hope of same.


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