A Guest Post On Labelling And Judging


Today is a special day, Ladies and Gentlemen! I am honored to present you a guest post by a fellow Mind-Surfer Demifern19, the Author of the freshly pressed blog: Life from this Perspective. The post is about a very thought-provoking topic – we strive to be non-judgemental but there are always two sides of the same coin …
Short. That’s the first description that most people think of when they see me. We’re all labelled with things – some good some bad. But whether it’s seen as a compliment or as a flaw depends on us. For me being thought of as short isn’t a flaw but I don’t particularly like being highlighted as that.

Yes I’m short and I’m pretty sure that I’m aware of that. However most people don’t say that in a mean way, they just don’t see it as offensive. Therefore I have…

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4 thoughts on “A Guest Post On Labelling And Judging”

  1. Demi, there’s an issue with the editor…for some reason the published post looks different than how I see it in my editor. There are spaces missing between the first paragraphs and the picture – I don’t know how to make it look the way it’s supposed to (just like in the friggin editor O.o). Did you ever encounter this problem before?


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