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Should you wear makeup?

Not all of you reading this may be makeup users but I thought it would be interesting to talk about makeup. There are many different reasons why people wear makeup but I’m only focusing on why I wear makeup and how it affects my life. Often most makeup posts just go over their favourites but I’m branching away from the ‘norm’ to give an overview of the subject from my perspective. After all that’s what this blog is all about.

I have acne. Not so much from hormones but from chocolate. Like anything good, there is almost always bad. My forehead is often covered in a sea of small flesh/red coloured bumps when I’m being good. Chocolate however causes some very big red spots to appear everywhere. I’ve found my ways of taming these spots but that’s one of the reasons that I wear makeup. If I’m having a really bad skin day I’ll wear a thin coat of foundation to even out the redness; clear skin with a few spots means I will simply spot conceal.

I don’t wear makeup every day because I’m a bit lazy and also, I don’t feel the need to. I don’t like cakey makeup; I prefer it if you can’t tell that I have makeup on. I rarely wear eyeshadow unless it’s a special occasion and I alternate between highlighter, bronzer, lipstick and eyeliner only wearing one or two of these when I go out. On casual days where I’m not at home, I might pop on a thin coat of mascara but that’s about it.

You now have an insight into my makeup routine but why wear makeup?

Some of my friends rarely wear it because they feel like they’d make a fool of themselves yet some where a full face and cannot leave without any on. I have found that I’m not really on this scale. I wear makeup because I like doing it and I like the way it looks if I do it naturally. I’m not self-conscious of my spots and I have happily gone into public places on bad skin days without a drop of makeup on.

I don’t feel like anyone should ever feel worried about how they look without makeup, nor should they wear it to impress others. If you like wearing a full face (even if you have flawless skin which I have seen before), then you keep doing what you’re doing. You should only ever wear or do things if it makes you happy. Never do something because it’s ‘in’ right now or because your friends are doing it. Message of this blog: embrace your natural self but don’t feel ashamed to make yourself feel happier even if that is by wearing makeup or certain clothes.

If you liked this post about makeup comment down below any similar ideas you’d like to hear from me.


5 thoughts on “Should you wear makeup?”

  1. I used to wear a full face and spent a lot of time on doing my hair as well. I felt like I couldn’t go out without having everything done. But times have changed, my skin cleared up after I changed my diet and once I let my hair relax it started to grow faster, I began wearing less and less makeup and currently I am very low-maintenance. You could say I don’t own makeup 😀

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      1. haha you make it sound like an epic film title: ‘the makeup journey’ or something :’D well yes, I see that it’s rather unusual but you know, people change. And I’m glad I no longer need an hour or more to get ready before going out.

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