Story time #1- water fights in Barcelona

I have been experimenting a lot with the content that I post on this blog and I saw on Pinterest that something to blog about is stories or things you have experienced. As a result, today’s post is going to be all about making beautiful memories.

This tale is all about a school trip to Barcelona which was by far one of the best trips of my life. The Geography department organised a “holiday” as I call it for three days to Barcelona in this quiet little hotel near the beach. It was not far from the centre with all of the big shops and tourist attractions; about half an hour away (I think- I honestly have forgotten already). Many of the days were meant to be spent carrying out tests on the beach for our ‘Coasts’ topic, but… this didn’t happen. The first day doing tests exhausted and bored everyone including the teachers. After that the teachers decided to only make us do half of the work meaning lots of free time! We got to visit beautiful places and had lots of fun, but the best day didn’t actually involve visiting any fancy attractions…

The beach. There was nothing special about this beach. It had golden sand, blue seas and plenty of tourists. What was so special about that day then?

Well we found an area on the beach that didn’t have many tourists and was still quite close to some shops. At first people were just relaxing but then some of the group decided to play volleyball with 2 of the teachers… With the staff preoccupied either with the game or walking around, someone decided to start a water fight out of the middle of nowhere. The sea was “off-limits” so the only place to get water from was the tap near the sidewalk. Everyone who wasn’t playing volleyball was filling up their bottles and throwing it on anyone they could catch.

Fast forward a good 20 minutes later and the teachers who went on a walk strolled back to find half of their class drenched. We all saw our head of year out of the corner of our eyes march over to us so we dropped the bottles whilst desperately trying to dry off.

It didn’t exactly work.

We stood in a line listening to a lecture about how irresponsible we were and were told our punishment would be decided later. At this point we were forced to sit on the wall in shame as locals stared at us as they walked past. How is this a funny story?

Turns out that our teacher thought we had got the water from the sea which would’ve been ‘dangerous’. She didn’t realise that we actually had a responsible water fight if there is such a thing! In the end, we all got off the wall after half an hour when we saw the teachers giggling at us. As we walked back to the hotel we got many stares since it looked like we had had a shower in our clothes and then rolled around in sand. I’m pretty sure I saw the hotel receptionist laugh at us as we walked upstairs.

Me and my friends still talk about this day and even the rest of the holiday where some other strange things happened. I got to talk to people in my year that I had never spoken to before and made some great memories.

Message of this blog: my rambling story shows you that memories are made when you let loose and enjoy being around other people but you should always do things responsibly. You can always have fun without causing trouble! If you want to hear more of my weird stories then comment and like.


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