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April favourites 

April has gone by extremely quickly like every month, where has the time gone? Today’s blog is about a few of my favourite things from this month!

Maybelline lash sensational- mascara

This is has been my favourite mascara of all time because it adds just enough volume without looking clumpy and gives amazing length to my eyelashes. This month I’ve been super busy so this has been quick to put on to make me look a bit more awake!

Rimmel brow this way- clear eyebrow gel

I have very thick and full brows so I only use some clear brow gel every day to stop them from looking like bushes. It’s cheap and does the job making it one of my favourites.

Nyx matte bronzer- in the shade deep tan

The final makeup product is my new bronzer I got a few months ago. I never properly used it until now and I love it. It’s quite warm toned giving me a healthy look; at least that’s what I think. I have an olive brown skin tone and I’ve always struggled because of this to find a good bronzer that’s not full of glitter. This bronzer is matte and is dark enough without me having to put loads on. If you struggle with similar things then I definitely recommend this product.

Soap and Glory scrub of your life- facial scrub

Since Easter has just passed, I have been eating a few too many chocolates which has caused me to break out. My spots are really dry and start to flake so I’ve been really thankful for this scrub by Soap and Glory. It doesn’t specifically say if you can use it on your face but I do because it’s gritty and rough enough without making my skin go red (as I have sensitive skin). It’s definitely made my face look a lot less spotty.

Dairy milk buttons

It’s funny how the thing that caused my spots is on this favourites list. Chocolate is chocolate, I mean whose favourite isn’t it?

Soft mints 

To try and eat less chocolate I’ve been eating soft mints weirdly. They are soft and minty so I like them!

Teen wolf 

In the middle of April I just finished season 6 of Teen wolf and it was really good. The plot was out there which is what I liked and I can’t wait until the last part of the final season comes out.


On Spotify the song ‘Hey ma’ came on shuffle but it was the Spanish version. I never usually listen to songs in different languages but the whole atmosphere it created because it was upbeat made me feel good. So I started listening to some more Spanish songs and got into them. The added bonus is that I couldn’t sing along because I didn’t know what they were saying which meant I could concentrate better in the day.


I think I spoke about this in one of my previous posts but Lion was my favourite film to watch this month. It had an amazing plot that wasn’t predictable to a certain extent. It’s the story of a young boy who gets lost in India and his journey through life from that point onwards. That’s all I can say without giving too much away but you must watch it!

My diary

Since I’ve been super busy I’ve been using this diary to write down lots of lists to help me get through all the things I need to do. It’s quite thick and it has lined paper but I like it because it’s simple but looks nice too.
Message of this blog: this month has been quite busy and stressful so a few little things like these can make your month a little bit better. It’s the small things that can just make your life easier and more fun!

Those were my April favourites. If you liked this kind of blog post then give it a like. Comment down below your 3 favourite things this month!


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  1. April was an interesting month. My club hosted their disability awareness day. I went to a theatre awards that I was invited to due to being house manager all year long at my school. Now its May and finals are next week

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