Strive for progress not perfection

I admit it, I am a perfectionist. I wouldn’t say that this is a good thing because it makes 1 job that I have to do 100 times longer and harder. Everyone always assumes that everything you do will be 100% perfect and when you get things wrong, people criticise you. But if I have learnt anything over the past few months, it’s that it’s okay not to be perfect and it’s okay to get things wrong. You should never aim to get better than someone else or get everything right in everything you do. The only way we can ever progress is through mistakes.

So, strive for progress not perfection and aim to be a better you than you were yesterday. You should always be trying to improve and progress because in reality we will never be perfect as we can always improve. It’s our imperfections that make us human, make us sane! You should never hate anything about yourself or what you do because that aspect is a part of you. It is by having things that you cannot do, that you can learn to do more. Sometimes on our journey to improving, we discover new things which we would have never thought of if we were “perfect”.

In my opinion, “perfect” is a strange word and we all define it as different things. Your perfect will always be different to someone else’s. Although the truth is that there is no ultimate level of life that you can reach, I believe that we are all perfect in our own way but that doesn’t mean that we cannot achieve more.

Message of this blog: be your own competition but never let the competition get in the way of you living life. Make mistakes, learn from them and move forwards one step at a time; but don’t get ahead of yourself and sprint further than you can handle because if you end up falling, it will hurt more than if you were slowly progressing.



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