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How to stay organised?

It’s never a bad thing to be organised. In fact, organisation can help your life run quicker and smoother. For me, I need to be organised to get things done whether it be homework or other little jobs. I have had a long battle with organisation and I think in my most cluttered year, I have finally reached an “agreement” with it which seems to be working for the both of us.

Make a list

I hate making lists but unfortunately it seems to be the best thing you can do to remember things. You don’t have to go out and buy those fancy diaries that are specifically made for lists. I use any random diaries I have or post-it notes. Just make a new list every day or if you’re not that busy then every week. There’s a sense of achievement I feel when I cross something off my list and I hope you feel it too. Just a tip from me, remember to actually look at your list otherwise it’s pointless. My advice is to stick it somewhere where you will look at it all the time. This could be on your pillow, your door, a mirror or phone!


If you’re not a fan of lists, then you could try using a reminder app. Some are already installed as one of the ‘general’ apps that your phone comes with. You can find them on the app store as well. This method has the same concept as making lists, just put your daily goals in and tick them off when they’re done. I would recommend this if you’re an extremely busy person because you can set alerts to remind you on your phone to do certain things. You’ll never forget a job again.

Organising paper

Whatever job you may have, most of the time there is some sort of paperwork that is important that needs to stay organised and as far from clutter as possible. If you’re studying too, your room can end up looking like a recycling bin slowly getting engulfed by paper. I use a number of different methods to keep it organised:

Folders– organise your work into folders. These could be the big ring binders or the smaller paper folders depending on how much work you have.

Shelves/ paper trays– if you have shelves in your room, you can neatly pile work on them. I like to keep my work tucked away so I have 3-tiered paper trays at the bottom of my wardrobe to hold all of my paper.

Filing cabinets– this is the perfect space for lots of important paperwork that needs filing away. They come in all different sizes and are relatively easy to buy from many places.

Boxes– you can get compactable boxes that you can store things in to put under your bed to keep things organised. I used to have a bed with space underneath and this was a great way to utilise this space.


These were just a few of my tips to staying organised. If you would like any more tips on things then comment down below. Message of this blog: staying organised can be relatively cheap and easy. Don’t let your life clutter up and get things done!

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