Summer clothing staples… Part 1

We’re in June so I can safely say that it’s summer. It’s my favourite season partly because there’s so much more variety with what you can wear. If you live in a country that’s not sunny all the time, having a whole wardrobe for summer can leave you sat with a pile of clothes that you cannot wear. Therefore I’m going to be running through some summer staples that you can switch around to wear over summer to make the most of your clothes.

Off the shoulder top


Off the shoulder tops have been around for a while, but I still love them. I like to wear mine with jeans but when it gets a bit hotter, skirts and shorts look great with it. Some can be quite expensive but if you look around you can find some great tops for a bargain. A few months ago I ordered a pink off the shoulder top from which was £4 without compromising on the quality. Primark also do some great tops as well so definitely check them out.


Summer dresses

There are lots of beautiful summer dresses you could wear- swing, maxi, skater or even bardot. Although it may seem like you can only wear the same dress once or twice in summer, you can style it differently to get more wear out of it. Add a jacket if it’s a bit breezier- denim, leather, a cardigan. Change it up with jewellery, belts etc.





Playsuits are my all time favourite summer outfits. I love how comfortable and effortless they are to wear. The same thing with dresses, to re-wear the look, try different shoes out. Dress them up with heels or wedges, or wear in the day with sandals and trainers. You can get different types of playsuits to fit your own style. Prefer not to show your legs- then you can wear a jumpsuit especially if it’s a bit colder outside.



Short sleeve crop tops


Summer screams crop tops of course. You can get them from almost any clothing shop and they are pretty inexpensive. I like wearing mine with high-waisted jeans or shorts but they go with virtually everything. They can be worn again and again with different looks. Black and white crop tops if you go for more of the monochrome look. Otherwise colourful tops are vibrant and warm like the sun.


If would like to see a part 2 where I share some more summer staples then let me know by liking or commenting below. Message of this blog: you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe costing you a fortune, you can buy a few staple pieces and play around with the accessories or clothes that you have. Even better you can get more clothes for less by searching for the bargains and shopping online in sales.

Disclaimer: I haven’t blogged in a very long time and I apologise for the lack of content. I have been very occupied with my exams and they just finished today so I thought I would upload. I am going to try and be more regular and upload twice a week- on a Friday and a Tuesday!

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