Makeup dupe for Lorac Unzipped Palette

Lorac Unzipped eyeshadow palette- high-end

  • Description: with 10 shades altogether, there are 4 mattes and 6 shimmers. On the website it is classed as ‘universally flattering’. There is a wide range of different nude eyeshadow shades.
  • Price: $42.00 or £32.94
Image via:
  • My opinion: On first look I must say that this is one of the most beautiful neutral eyeshadow palettes that I have ever seen. I am not hugely into eyeshadow but this definitely caught my eye. Researching into it more closely (as I do not own this product), I can see that the shades ‘unattainable’ and ‘uncensored’ are quite similar shimmer shades which does seem a bit disappointing. Also I would say I have a medium olive skin tone and I know for a fact that the shade ‘unconditional’ would not show up on me therefore I am unsure about the ‘universally flattering ‘ statement. Other than that, the darkest matte shade and the rest of the shimmers look amazing but for the price I’m not certain that it’s worth the money for what you get.


I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate palette- dupe

  • Description: with 16 shades altogether, 10 shimmers and 6 mattes. According to the website it is “perfect for creating bare to smokey eyed looks”.  Again this has a variety of different neutral shades.
  • Price: $15.00 or £7.99

  • My opinion: when I bought this palette from Makeup Revolution, I had not seen the Lorac Unzipped palette. Looking at each one though, you can definitely see that inspiration was taken from it. In my opinion they are very pigmented colours and there is greater range of shades compared to the Lorac palette. I have noticed that there are 2 pairs of colours that look similar which rules out 2 of the eyeshadows as being almost identical. There is one shade that doesn’t show up on my skin but if my eyeshadow looks too dark, I usually use this to blend it out. However that still leaves 13 different shades to play with. Also looking at the pictures, 9 out of 10 of the Lorac eyeshadows look identical to the ones in the I Heart Makeup palette.


Overall opinion

I would recommend getting the I Heart Makeup palette because I honestly think it is a dupe for a fraction of the price. It might be good to get if you are unsure whether the shades are for you, as you can test out the shades and then decide whether you want to buy the real palette. I am putting it out there that I do not own the Lorac palette therefore I cannot say for sure if this is a good dupe but if you have it then let me know in the comments.

Message of this blog: sometimes the dupes may be better than the things they were dupes for and often you don’t have to spend a ton of money to create beautiful makeup looks.

If you would like to see more makeup dupes then I have a whole list that I’d be happy to talk about. On my Pinterest I have a board full of makeup dupes and tips so check it out here. 

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