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My favourite highlighter

Hey everyone, summer is finally here and it’s the perfect time to wear highlighter. I love Makeup Revolution so I’d thought I’d give you a review of my favourite one…

I’ve had the  Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Golden Lights for a while now and it’s been my favourite highilighter since day 1. Despite looking a silver colour in the pan, it is a beautiful gold colour. I have a olive skin tone so this colour looks like a ‘natural’ highlight colour like an actual glow from the sun. However I think this would look great on other skin tones because it doesn’t look like a yellow streak across your face.

The texture of it is powder like many highlighters but it is buildable. I don’t like to have an in your face glow so I use less of it but I have added more before and it looks great. It is very pigmented as you can see in the swatches therefore I have found that using a feather brush or using your finger to melt it into your skin gives a more natural glow.

Is it value for money? Of course it is as it only costs £3 in the UK in Superdrug and $6 in the US in Ulta. From the side of the pan it does look quite deep and it’s 10g so I’m not sure if that’s classed as a lot.

Nevertheless for the price, you could give it a go if you’re not sure if gold highlighters suit you or if you’re looking for a cheap but pigmented highlighter. The highlight comes in a Peach Lights colour as well which is pink toned and in addition to this there are some other highlighters from the Vivid Baked range which I am excited to soon try out.

If you would like me to review any more of my favourite makeup or skincare products then let me know. If you liked this drugstore makeup post then follow my Pinterst Board for more inspiration.


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