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Travel essentials

A lot of you may have already been on your summer holiday, are there right now or are planning to in the upcoming weeks. I’m actually going to Thailand this summer so I thought that now would be the perfect time to upload a “travel essentials” post.

The 'obvious'


You cannot even go on holiday without the obvious things. Firstly your passport, don’t leave it at home- this is the one thing you cannot leave without.

Secondly a suitcase or large bag of some sort to put all of your stuff in. A word of warning, when you are checking in and handing over your luggage, do make sure the person actually tags your suitcase. When I went to India, the lady forgot to tag my suitcase because we both had the same birthday so she got a bit distracted. By all means talk to the staff, just check it has been tagged otherwise you’ll end up like 7 year old me crying when her suitcase didn’t turn up.

Another obvious is clothes (pretty self-explanatory).


This means your phone, either to take pictures, listen to music, play games etc etc. With your phone I recommend a portable charger/ power bank. I have this one which is quite big but it can charge 2 devices at the same time and lasts me a good 5-6 iPhone charges before it needs recharging itself. I did get it on offer but currently it retails for £29.99.

Another phone accessory is headphones for when you’re on the plane, coach, taxi, or you just want to listen to music. I bring both my Apple earphones, and these Sony headphones whenever I go on holiday.

You might also want to bring along a camera as well as your phone to take lots or some better quality photos. I’m just going to be using the family Canon camera (I don’t know what model it is).


This year I am taking 2 makeup bags with me, 1 for toiletries and 1 for makeup. The toiletries bag will just have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hairbrush, toothbrush etc. The makeup bag will contain my makeup which I am going to show you in another post.

Suncream is definitely an essential if you are travelling to a sunny country (if you’re coming to England then don’t bother). I will wear whatever suncream my mum gives me because lets face it, although I’m 16, I’m still a child who needs to be told what suncream to wear.


For me, these little extras are very important to take on the plane to make my journey more comfortable. The first one is a jacket/ hoodie because planes can be very cold but then when you arrive at your destination it is very warm. I will be wearing a lot of layers that’s for sure.

Another extra is boiled sweets. My ears always pop and hurt when we take off. My mum always has a bag full of boiled sweets because mums are amazing and think of everything.

I have also recently got back into reading after a busy school year and I love it just as much as I used to. I can finish a book in a good 3 hours so I will be taking quite a few of these with me on holiday, especially for the plane.

I pretty much covered everything I am going to be taking with me this year. What are your travel essentials? Let me know!


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