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Being healthier

When I first started my blog, I did a post called 6 things you can do to be healthier; admittedly that was months ago and I’ve introduced quite a few new things to be healthier.

The first one is green tea. I have been drinking this nearly every day (as and when I remember to). I am going to say that I hate the taste, but the changes it has made to my skin are worth it. It has kept my spots under control and they’ve not really got bad at any point since I’ve started drinking it. It hasn’t got rid of them though so I’m still on a hunt to solve that problem. I just drink the ASDA brand green tea which is like 79p for a box, I think.

Although my exercise regime hasn’t really changed since the last post because I work out the same number of times, it has got better. I have been starting to use mini 1-2 kg dumbbells just whilst doing the exercises. It doesn’t make it harder for me but it feels like it is making my muscles work more. I am far from being a fitness expert though so do research it before trying it out. I have been using a new app to help me with reps and timings called PumpUp. It is free and has allowed me to discover some new exercises to add into my workout.

I have also been drinking tons more water than I did before and again I can see results. I have a few mason jars and I just fill them up with water a few times a day. I got mine from Tiger but you can find them in supermarkets such as ASDA and Tesco.

Another thing I have been drinking more of is smoothies. My mum has been making one at least 4 times a week and this may be another reason why my skin is in a really good place at the moment. She just puts every fruit/ vegetable we have in our fridge in but you can find so many nice recipes online or just use whatever you have. My mum sneakily puts in kale, carrots and spinach into ours which can sometimes make it taste like I’m drinking a salad but it isn’t that bad when you get used to it.

Finally I have pretty much cut out chocolate from my life except if it’s in cookies or icecream as they don’t seem to be too bad for my skin. Chocolate sweets though have been a big no no and I am definitely going to keep sticking to this.

I still want to keep making more improvements to my lifestyle and my aim is to get my skin spotless  and have a healthy body. If you have any recommendations on how to be healthier, then leave them in the comments down below as I would love to know.




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