Things Pinterest made me want to try

Today I am bringing to you the first post in my Pinterest series. As you may know I love Pinterest and I have been using it more since I am blogging now as well. I have a bunch of totally different posts lined up for it so I hope you enjoy!

I saw Jessica Riga do a post a while ago on “Things Pinterest got me obsessed with” and I thought that it was a great idea to try something similar. This sort of gave me the inspiration to do my own but after reading mine do go check out her post!


I have seen so many pins on 2 pieces- especially the ones from Zaful. I really want one for my holiday but in the UK we never really have the weather for it so I would wear it like twice in the whole year. However they are really cheap on Zaful so I might give them a go.

Lace Floral Halter Crop Top and Shorts - WINE RED S Mobile   Image result for 2 pieces shorts zaful



I am not a huge eyeshadow person, I’m more of the ‘put 1 shade in the crease and shimmer on the lid’ kinda girl. But these eye makeups look amazing and I want to recreate some of them. (I’ll probably fail at it though)

G     pinterest // /phoenixcosmetic/



You can’t have not scrolled through Pinterest and seen balayage. By definition it is “a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.” I don’t want to dye my hair as it would need bleaching and I don’t want to damage it, but these pins will always be hair goals for me!

balayage blonde        Balayage Hair Color Ideas in Brown to Caramel Tones ★ See more:



I have tried (and failed) at these hairstyles but they look great and I’ve seen a lot of different takes on it. Here’s some more inspo for you.

creating a new workout hairstyle! #braidcreations    Some Space Buns here from @textursalon | Repost @beyondtheponytail ✨…



Yes it’s summer but it was freezing the other day and I wore a jumper, therefore I think it is completely acceptable to include this. I’ll just wait until winter arrives. I have tried this oversized slouchy look but it just looks like I’m drowning in fabric so I never end up buying any of it. I will try again, maybe I’ll just start off with having a jumper with just longer sleeves and then take it from there.

        pinterest | @avyliz

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post. Check out my Pinterest to find all of these pins.

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