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How I take my notes- TIPS & EXAMPLES

Hello lovelies! I have been at school for 3 days now and have already got back into my regular habit of taking notes. I thought it would be good to share with you how I take my notes and some good tips for taking pretty notes quickly.

Firstly there is the title. Now this is going to sound very strange but I actually recommend writing the title last or later. Sometimes the title on the board ends up being the subheading so I normally wait until the end of the lesson to note it down. However, I like my notes to look neat so I actually write my titles at home which is something I will talk about a bit later on.

I sometimes write the date, but since I am in college, I tend to leave the date out just because some days I will write nothing and some I’ll write essays long.

With the actual notes, you want to make sure it is concise. If you’re still in secondary school then some teachers will expect you to write in full sentences and paragraphs. At college, I miss out words and bullet point. I have found that this is the quickest and most efficient way to get all of the information down in time. It also means that I don’t have to rush as much when I am writing because I have less to note down. Often I finish noting things down and still see people around me copying out the whole thing.

For example if it says on the board: “A nutrient is a substance which is needed for growth, repair and metabolism. The three main nutrients are: carbohydrates, proteins, lipids (fats and oils). These nutrients are all examples of organic chemicals. This means that they all contain carbon atoms, covalently bonded to the atoms of other elements.” (Taken from BBC Bitesize).

I would shorten this down to: ” Nutrient- needed for growth, repair, metabolism. An e.g. of an organic chemical- contains C atoms cov bond to other elements’ atoms. Main nutrients: carbs, proteins, lipids (fats/oils). ”

For diagrams, I roughly sketch them in pencil and then leave the rest for at home. I also don’t do anything else to my notes such as highlight, colour in etc until I get home or have any spare time in the lesson.

You’re probably wondering why I leave a lot of things to do at home. The reason is that there are proven studies to suggest that looking over your notes at the end of the day, then avfter a few days, then after a week, then a month and so on is meant to imprive your ability to retain that information. Therefore when I get home, I do the title and properly outline my diagrams. Then I read through my notes and go along highlighting and underlining my notes. That way they look pretty and the highlighting actually serves a purpose because I have just gone through my work and picked out the key information.

For me it is a lot easier to use this method just because I only take 3 subjects as I am studying at a more detailed level. However if you are doing your GCSEs or just want to take some good notes, then you could by all means do all this in one go.

Some tips on making the notes look nice:

  • when writing, stick to the same pace throughout so that your handwriting doesn’t change too much and stays consistent
  • for inspiration, look on Pinterest (I have a whole board on pretty notes). If you are new to doing fancy titles, google some and copy them or make up your own font.
  • draw arrows and other lines in coloured pens to make your page look more colourful

That’s all from me for now but if you want any more tips on revision, notes, etc then let me know and I would be happy to help.



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