Hello October- Autumn Staples

Hello lovelies! I cannot believe it is already October, where has the time gone? I have had some exciting things happening behind the scenes of my blog and I have not posted in a while but I am sort of back. I am very busy so my posts may not be consistent but I’m trying to start this new month off positively and optimistically.

October is truly the month of autumn and there are so many autumnal things. I thought I would share with you some autumn staples!

To be quite honest I wear ankle boots pretty much all year round but this is the month where I have an excuse to wear them every single day. I recently picked up this pair from New Look and I love them so much. I also have this burgundy pair from Primark which are a bit more colourful but again I love them.


Scarves seem more like a winter thing but I wear mine in autumn when it is not cold enough to wear the full hat, gloves and fluffy coat but it is still a bit cold. I can’t remember where this scarf is from but since it is black and white it goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.


Again, it seems like it’s for winter but it gets quite cold here in the UK. I have a fair few jumpers and I will be picking up at least another one this year. However, my favourite so far is this camel coloured knitted jumper from New Look. The colour screams Autumn and the zips add something different to the look.


The berry lips are slowly starting to appear at this time of year and I am all for it. I love burgundies and reds. Bold colours can be a bit daunting to first wear so if you aren’t too sure, head over to Primark and pick up one of their lip products for £1. I did that and I still have this product which is this beautiful berry colour.

You can also bring the berries into your eye makeup. I don’t really wear much eyeshadow but I do have some eye looks here that you could try out.


Thanks for reading this quick little October welcome to get you all ready for autumn!

1 thought on “Hello October- Autumn Staples”

  1. My October, I am getting ready to house manage my fifth show, but the first show of this semester. Homecoming Parade is on Saturday. I am looking forward to a Painted Pumpkin event and volunteering at Octoberfest, a festival for families and their kids at my school


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