Hello October- Autumn Staples

Hello lovelies! I cannot believe it is already October, where has the time gone? I have had some exciting things happening behind the scenes of my blog and I have not posted in a while but I am sort of back. I am very busy so my posts may not be consistent but I’m trying to start this new month off positively and optimistically. October is truly the month of autumn and there are so many autumnal things. I thought I would share with you some autumn staples!

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TV & movies that I have been obsessed with

There is nothing I love doing more than watching tv (actually there might be but tv is great). So I thought what better to do than to give you a rundown of what tv I have been obsessed with since my exams finished. 1. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES I am currently on season 4 and it is so good. I have been told by nearly everyone I know to watch this but because it has 8 seasons I said I would wait until summer because education is important kids!!

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How I take my notes- TIPS & EXAMPLES

Hello lovelies! I have been at school for 3 days now and have already got back into my regular habit of taking notes. I thought it would be good to share with you how I take my notes and some good tips for taking pretty notes quickly. Firstly there is the title. Now this is going to sound very strange but I actually recommend writing the title last or later. Sometimes the title on the board ends up being the subheading so I normally wait until the end of the lesson to note it down. However, I like my notes to look neat so I actually write my titles at home which is something I will talk about a bit later on.

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September goals

Hello lovelies! I've just got back to school like a lot of you might have already and I spoke to a lot of my friends about their futures. We had results day a few weeks ago and not everyone got what they wanted but... despite this, some of them still had the brightest smiles on their faces. This small setback hasn't stopped them from trying to achieve their goals. Instead of letting themselves being pushed off their road to success, they got back up and took a different path to reach the same goal or a new goal. I admire them a lot for that, which is why I thought I would start doing a "my goals" post every so often to remind you all as well as myself that although we may have setbacks, always keep your goals in mind and find another way. 


DIY Calendar + Free Printable

Hello lovelies! This morning I sat down and decided to make a calendar for next month because I have a very hectic schedule as I prepare for this examination I have to take for university (the UKCAT). On top of that I'll be back at school studying my final year of A-levels and I'll be preparing to apply to university. As you can see, I am a busy bee at the moment. When I went to make the calendar, my mum asked me why I was spending time on that when I could just print one out. I like being creative so I wanted to do one myself and I thought it would be a good DIY for my readers. I also thought that not everyone wants to or has the time to do this, so... I have included a free printable calendar for this month that I designed myself! If you want to DIY, then keep reading.

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Being healthier

When I first started my blog, I did a post called 6 things you can do to be healthier; admittedly that was months ago and I've introduced quite a few new things to be healthier. The first one is green tea. I have been drinking this nearly every day (as and when I remember to). I am going to say that I hate the taste, but the changes it has made to my skin are worth it. It has kept my spots under control and they've not really got bad at any point since I've started drinking it. It hasn't got rid of them though so I'm still on a hunt to solve that problem. I just drink the ASDA brand green tea which is like 79p for a box, I think.

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Travel essentials

A lot of you may have already been on your summer holiday, are there right now or are planning to in the upcoming weeks. I'm actually going to Thailand this summer so I thought that now would be the perfect time to upload a "travel essentials" post. For me, these little extras are very important to take on the plane to make my journey more comfortable. The first one is a jacket/ hoodie because planes can be very cold but then when you arrive at your destination it is very warm. I will be wearing a lot of layers but I am taking this warm hoodie.