Things to do when you are bored

Now that exams are over and the summer holidays are approaching, you may find that you have plenty of time on your hands but not many things to do. Although the idea of sleeping all day... every day seems appealing, it can quickly get boring. So today I thought I would give you some things to do when you are bored. Organise a day out Leaving the house is the first step to socialising and not sit in front of the t.v all summer. Meet up with some friends, or family and do something whether it involves watching a film or going to the park. The activity doesn't even have to take the whole day, as being occupied for a few hours can quickly make the rest of your day more interesting.

A guide to staying inspired

I am constantly searching in my life for inspiration because even though you should be your own unique person, picking up good habits and following good lifestyles that have worked for other people can work for you to. Inspiration is there to inspire you, just like a trend.

Summer clothing staples… Part 1

We're in June so I can safely say that it's summer. It's my favourite season partly because there's so much more variety with what you can wear. If you live in a country that's not sunny all the time, having a whole wardrobe for summer can leave you sat with a pile of clothes that you cannot wear. Therefore I'm going to be running through some summer staples that you can switch around to wear over summer to make the most of your clothes.

How to stay organised?

It’s never a bad thing to be organised. In fact, organisation can help your life run quicker and smoother. For me, I need to be organised to get things done whether it be homework or other little jobs. I have had a long battle with organisation and I think in my most cluttered year, I have finally reached an “agreement” with it which seems to be working for the both of us.

Revision techniques

As I mentioned in my "how to stop procrastinating" post, exams are right around the corner. So I thought it might be useful to write about some revision techniques to help you revise. Message of this blog: there are so many different revision techniques so if you don't get along with one, try something else.

6 things you can do to be healthier 

Although all these tips are useful, don't go over the top and starve yourself or go on an extreme diet. That's not the point of this blog. The message of this blog: make changes slowly and allow yourself to have a treat every once in a while, otherwise you'll have no fun.

How to save money

Unfortunately the world revolves around money so unless you're rich, you can't have everything. But there is a way to have as much as you possibly can with the money you have. Today I'll be giving you tips on how to save money.

How to stop procrastinating 

Often I read how to stop procrastinating posts as my way of procrastinating. Or I watch revision videos on YouTube. But this does not combat procrastination. It's exam time for many people so I thought that this would be the perfect post. So hopefully this will be your last time procrastinating.

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