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Whilst on a family holiday in Thailand, I became so much more aware of the world around me. It was sort of an eye opener to how much I think about things. I’ve always told myself it is bad to overthink as it just gets you worried, but I was wrong. It’s not the overthinking… Continue reading This post has your name on it


How to create pins for Pinterest

For blogging, Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms to get involved in. Although it may seem quite time consuming, you can create pins quite quickly if you know where to look and what to do. Therefore, today as my final post in the Pinterest series, I am showing you how I create pins for Pinterest. Firstly let me talk about the app I use which is Canva. It is free to download on your phone, or you can use the website, I personally like to use the app because I use the photos I take on my phone but it's your choice. This is pretty much a tutorial on how to use Canva to create your pins so I'd like to point out that this is not sponsored, Canva is just an amazing app/website. Also, you can use it for so many other different things like creating headers for your blog, featured images, banners (basically anything). 


Things Pinterest made me want to try

Hey guys, today I am bringing to you the first post in my Pinterest series this week. As you may know I love Pinterest and I have been using it more since I am blogging now as well. I have a bunch of totally different posts lined up for it so I hope you enjoy! I have seen so many pins on 2 pieces- especially the ones from Zaful. I really want one for my holiday but in the UK we never really have the weather for it so I would wear it like twice in the whole year. However they are really cheap on Zaful so I might give them a go. Read more...

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July favourites

I say this every month but honestly time is flying by. I haven't done a monthly favourites since April but I am back with one and I'm not sure if I will do it every month, I'll just see how it goes. I have been loving loads of things this month and am excited to share them with you in this favourites post. First thing I've been loving is my Rimmel eyebrow pencil in the shade black brown. This is the first and only eyebrow pencil I have ever used because it is so good.

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Being healthier

When I first started my blog, I did a post called 6 things you can do to be healthier; admittedly that was months ago and I've introduced quite a few new things to be healthier. The first one is green tea. I have been drinking this nearly every day (as and when I remember to). I am going to say that I hate the taste, but the changes it has made to my skin are worth it. It has kept my spots under control and they've not really got bad at any point since I've started drinking it. It hasn't got rid of them though so I'm still on a hunt to solve that problem. I just drink the ASDA brand green tea which is like 79p for a box, I think.

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Travel essentials

A lot of you may have already been on your summer holiday, are there right now or are planning to in the upcoming weeks. I'm actually going to Thailand this summer so I thought that now would be the perfect time to upload a "travel essentials" post. For me, these little extras are very important to take on the plane to make my journey more comfortable. The first one is a jacket/ hoodie because planes can be very cold but then when you arrive at your destination it is very warm. I will be wearing a lot of layers but I am taking this warm hoodie. 


Summer Clothing Haul- New Look, Primark

I have been so busy with exams that I literally didn’t buy any clothes for at least 3 months. Recently I popped into town on a few trips and bought a bunch of new clothes since I am going on holiday soon which I am excited to show you all. The first place I went to was New Look which I actually had a gift card from Christmas for (told you I hadn’t shopped in a while). I bought a pair of blue denim shorts from the teen section because I am a size 6 in women’s but a size 15 in the teens fit me exactly the same as the size 6 shorts. I also liked the way the rips were and how the shorts weren’t too tight and restricting.