Hello October- Autumn Staples

Hello lovelies! I cannot believe it is already October, where has the time gone? I have had some exciting things happening behind the scenes of my blog and I have not posted in a while but I am sort of back. I am very busy so my posts may not be consistent but I’m trying to start this new month off positively and optimistically. October is truly the month of autumn and there are so many autumnal things. I thought I would share with you some autumn staples!


Summer clothing staples… Part 1

We're in June so I can safely say that it's summer. It's my favourite season partly because there's so much more variety with what you can wear. If you live in a country that's not sunny all the time, having a whole wardrobe for summer can leave you sat with a pile of clothes that you cannot wear. Therefore I'm going to be running through some summer staples that you can switch around to wear over summer to make the most of your clothes.