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COLLAB: Favourite makeup brand- NYX

As you can tell by the title, this is a collab with the amazing Brooke who blogs about absolutely everything form beauty reviews to life updates, sharing with her readers her journey through the world. You can see from her great ideas, content and website design that she she puts her 100% into all of her posts and is passionate about her blog. So if you already haven’t clicked the link then I seriously recommend having a look as I know I can always count on reading her lovely regular posts.

I had the idea of doing a favourite brand post just because I have never had a favourite brand since about a year ago. NYX is a makeup brand that is my favourite for so many reasons. Firstly it is drugstore and is therefore reasonably priced making it good value for what you’re getting.

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Secondly the quality of the makeup is very good, although I haven’t tried every single makeup product they own; from what I have tried it is fab. Thirdly for many of the products, there are so many different shades in the range which is great for me as I explain later on.

The first makeup product I ever tried from NYX was the Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation which retails for £6 which is one of the cheapest foundations I have ever seen in the drugstore. I have extremely dry skin and although it is a matte foundation, it isn’t drying unless I don’t moisturise well. Although at times it can cause my dry patches of skin to crumble a bit if I wear it for a long time. I would also like to point out that this comes in 21 shades which is great if you have olive brown skin like me.

Image result for nyx stay matte not flat foundation

Normally I am one of the darkest shades in a drugstore foundation, but in this range there are at least 6 shades darker than mine.

I also love the contour/bronzing products. I have finally found a bronzer dark enough to show up on my skin and it’s the matte bronzer in the shade Tan. It is so pigmented and not very expensive. Another fave is the contour kit which I have tried out from my mum but I didn’t buy the whole thing as I would only use the darkest shade. Instead I bought the darkest shade on its own which is meant to be a replacement to put in the palette. It is normal size and only costs £3 for the one shade!

My all time favourite NYX makeup is the lip products. I have tried the glosses, the lip creams and the lipsticks and I can say that I have fallen in love. They are cheap, have nearly every colour you could ever need and are great consistencies.

Image result for nyx

My personal faves: the butter gloss in Praline which I wore every day to school and the soft matte lip cream in Rome. Starting from as low as £3, these are definitely things you cannot miss out on!

Top to bottom: soft matte lip cream in Rome, butter gloss in Praline and a lipstick.

I still haven’t tried everything from this brand but what I have tried has never disappointed me. I have made a list of things I am hoping to try so if you have it then do let me know what you think.

Wish list:

  • The microbrow pencil or the tame and frame pomade
  • The lingerie liquid lipsticks
  • The total control drop foundation
  • The curve eyeliner
  • The HD concealer

Message of this blog: NYX is my fave brand if you didn’t already guess!!


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